Saturday, June 24, 2006

Church #7: Thank you packet

This is a late post because we actually received Mt. Carmel Christian Church's thank you packet on Thursday. However, Bradley and I have had major internet issues for about a week or so and I've been unable to post until today. (Warning: tomorrow's post may also be delayed for this reason.)

Mt. Carmel Christian Church sent us an entire packet of information on programs they offer. I have scanned just three of the brochures-- there were six in all. This was an excellent gesture because there was something for everyone in this packet-- each of the programs had a clear target audience. If I were actually shopping for a church I think this would have helped me a lot-- made me feel like there was a place for me, specifically, and all the information was right there in front of me. No calling and internet-ing required.

There was also a "thank you for attending" letter included, which I'll write out for you because I'm not sure you can read the scan I made:

Dear Erica, (Bradley got his own packet, with the same information)

Thanks for coming to Mt. Carmel! I hope you were blessed by the experience. It is our goal on the weekends to let folks know that Jesus loves them and so do we!

I hope our church will be a positive influence on your life and will be a life changing experience like it has been for me and my family. Please look through the information included with this letter; it is a good start in growing your faith and meeting friends. I would recommend that you sign up for our Mt. Carmel Open House class (see brochure), the next class is scheduled on July 16th.

I believe that your visit was not by chance. God has brought you here for a reason. It is my hope that we fulfill that purpose. Thanks again for coming. Have a good week.

John "Didi" Bacon
Lead Pastor

I still favor the brief, handwritten notes we've received in the past, but as I said, if I were legitamately looking to settle down at one church, this information would have been extremely helpful to me.

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