Sunday, November 12, 2006


Sorry guys, no new church today! Bradley and I had company in from Columbus and we elected to take some time off.


I do have a question for you, oh loyal readers. I really want to overhaul Church Hop soon (first of the year seems as good a time as any). What are we missing? What would you change? What aren't we pursuing enough? Read through the charter and the questions we answer each week, if you get a chance. Then leave a comment (or email me, redrabbit[at] with your suggestions.

Changes I'm considering:

*It's pretty obvious that we need to branch out... haven't even hit a Catholic church yet, much less a synagogue or something.

*Removal of the rating number. In our heads, the rating number is a scale of how welcome we felt in the church. However, we have heard mention that the rating seems like a comparison of churches, and that's not what we're aiming for at all. Is there a better way to scale something like this, or should it go away altogether?

Church Hop has quite a few readers, so I hope that you guys will chime in and help to shape where this project is heading. I am surprised, to tell you the truth, that it's still running at all. Back in April, I wouldn't have guessed that we would find so much of a journey behind the project but we've had great support and enormous interest, so onward we go.

That being said, Bradley and I absolutely invite your feedback.