Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Church #37: Heritage UU Church REVISITED

Happy belated Memorial Day!

On Sunday, Bradley, dad and I re-visited (or visited for the first time, in dad's case) Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church. We were greeted with the same warm welcome as the first time, directed to make our name tags, etc.

I was able to introduce Bradley and myself to Reverend Gupton, though we weren't able to really talk because he was preparing for the day's service. The service was an emotional one, as the congregation spoke of loved ones they'd lost in the past year. It was a very reflective and sombre service, and it was good to see another side of the church.

My feelings toward Heritage and UUism are positive ones. As soon as my dad writes up his post I'll add it here, and I'm sure Bradley will throw his two cents in soon. Still no decision on how to balance Heritage and Church Hop... any thoughts?!