Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Church #37: Heritage UU Church REVISITED

Happy belated Memorial Day!

On Sunday, Bradley, dad and I re-visited (or visited for the first time, in dad's case) Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church. We were greeted with the same warm welcome as the first time, directed to make our name tags, etc.

I was able to introduce Bradley and myself to Reverend Gupton, though we weren't able to really talk because he was preparing for the day's service. The service was an emotional one, as the congregation spoke of loved ones they'd lost in the past year. It was a very reflective and sombre service, and it was good to see another side of the church.

My feelings toward Heritage and UUism are positive ones. As soon as my dad writes up his post I'll add it here, and I'm sure Bradley will throw his two cents in soon. Still no decision on how to balance Heritage and Church Hop... any thoughts?!


Brianna said...

If you have found a community where you feel welcome and know that it is a place where you can continue to grow, my thought is that you should stick with it. I don't know what your plans were for the life of Church Hop, but it seems to have filled a void in your life in different ways. Your Sunday mornings have been complete for over a year, filled with new experiences and learning, and now you have found a home. What else was the point?

d-mc said...

Hey Eebs,
I was just sitting here enjoying my vacation and surfing your site as well as the UU church you recently attended to learn more about them.

On their website's Adult Education page they made the following statement which I think sums up my (and possibly others) objections to the UU group.

Recognize that no one has a monopoly on truth, that all of us have valuable knowledge and experience to share.

On the surface this sounds great. I certainly agree with the second half. There is a logical problem, however, with the first half.

The statement may in fact be true, but since they believe no one person or group can state what truth is authoritatively (since they do not hold a monopoly) how can we know if it is true?

I think the answer you would receive would be, "we don't claim there is no truth, but that no one group can possess/own/lay hold to all truth."

The question though is, on what grounds does this group have the authority to state as truth that no other group can have a monopoly on truth?

I know it's not the point of your blog debate such things, and thats not what I'm trying to do. I'm just curious as to what their answer would be.

I'm heading to disneyworld though so I'll catch up with you later.

Clarence said...

I guess I would agree with both Brianna and d-mc.

I would hope that you stick around at HUU for a while as you grow and progress in faith. However what D-MC says is very true and relevant and I think a person that honestly reads the Bible at face value has to take a stand for something as 'absolute truth.' But I would hope that HUU is a step in the right direction and not the end of the journey.

In the end if what Jesus taught is true and right, then somebody is right and somebody is wrong and the consequences of being wrong can be eternal.

One thing I see missing from your church list of church hops is the Christian Church, churches. A few local to you:
Eastside Christian Church - personally I have very mixed views on this church.
Mt. Carmel Christian Church
Parkside Christian Church

And Loveland Christian Church. This is a church I've attended a few times and it is a very good church.

JenLo said...

Hope you guys are well. Commenting on June 11 and have missed seeing you visit the last 2 weeks. Just checking in ;)