Sunday, March 25, 2007

(Insert Church Name Here)

We tried, very hard, to go to church.

There's a church that you can see from 275, which appears to be right off the Beechmont exit. I pass this church every weekday when I drive to work, and it has a big marquee. Unfortunately, they only use the marquee for inspiration, not fact. No address, no directions, and... surprisingly enough... no website. I'm positive this church HAS a website, so why they don't flash it on their jumbotron is beyond me.

Finally one day I caught their service times (8:30 and 11am, I believe), and so Bradley and I decided to try to find it. Certainly there was a sign or something, near the correct road? This morning we spent an hour driving along the back roads of Beechmont, searching for a church that seemed to be right off the exit. Finally we gave up when services would have been starting.
Soooooo... this seems like common sense, but let me put this out there for any church in a situation like this: flash me a dang website. If you have a huge, eye-catching marquee, the very best thing you can do for me is USE IT to tell me how to get there. They had other messages that implied that they wanted me to visit-- various "Come as you are!" type messages-- which is fantastic, but does me no good when I can't find your freakin' church.

Maybe I just haven't seen the website or the address-- but for looking at it at least five times a week... well, it just shouldn't be that difficult, should it?