Sunday, March 25, 2007

(Insert Church Name Here)

We tried, very hard, to go to church.

There's a church that you can see from 275, which appears to be right off the Beechmont exit. I pass this church every weekday when I drive to work, and it has a big marquee. Unfortunately, they only use the marquee for inspiration, not fact. No address, no directions, and... surprisingly enough... no website. I'm positive this church HAS a website, so why they don't flash it on their jumbotron is beyond me.

Finally one day I caught their service times (8:30 and 11am, I believe), and so Bradley and I decided to try to find it. Certainly there was a sign or something, near the correct road? This morning we spent an hour driving along the back roads of Beechmont, searching for a church that seemed to be right off the exit. Finally we gave up when services would have been starting.
Soooooo... this seems like common sense, but let me put this out there for any church in a situation like this: flash me a dang website. If you have a huge, eye-catching marquee, the very best thing you can do for me is USE IT to tell me how to get there. They had other messages that implied that they wanted me to visit-- various "Come as you are!" type messages-- which is fantastic, but does me no good when I can't find your freakin' church.

Maybe I just haven't seen the website or the address-- but for looking at it at least five times a week... well, it just shouldn't be that difficult, should it?


Gail said...

I'm guessing the church you are talking about Love & Faith Christian Center and they are actually off of Hopper Hill Rd even though it seems like they should be off of the road by BP. Here's their website:
I've never been there (the disadvantages of working for a church is you don't get to visit other churches). I hear they are very "come as you are" and that they are charasmatic and have very "active" services.
Hope that helps!

Eebs said...

Gail-- That helps enormously! We'll try them again in the coming weeks... THEY NEED A SIGN!!

Peter Zefo said...

You have got to appreciate the irony that the "Church Hoppers" cannot find the church located on "Hopper Hill Rd."

Aren't you close to the church with the big scary Jesus coming out of the water? I'd love to hear a report from there. I think you can search "Big Buttered Jesus" on YouTube for a video. Or, go to my Stupid Church Signs blog. I have it posted there.

Eebs said...

We aren't CLOSE to Big Butter Jesus, but Bradley and I do plan on Hopping there. We were considering maybe celebrating our Church Hop "anniversary" there? :)

Jerry James said...

God hides. His desire is for you to find Him.

Joe said...

Hey have you all gone to the "touchdown Jesus" church on 75? I'd love to hear about it. Also, a good friend of mine pastors at Apex in Kettering. You might like that. Love the concept and webpage by the way. I might put it in my blogroll if that's cool.

Joe said...

Ha! Sorry about that. I somehow missed the butter Jesus thing. If you guys go I'll look forward to reading it!

Eebs said...

Well, looks like we're getting a lot of responses about visiting Big Butter/ Touchdown Jesus, so we'll definitely have to put it in the queue! Thank you for reading and of course you can link to us any ol' way you please.

Anonymous said...

What a great site you have. I have been to a few of the churches that are on your site and you hit it right on the button. Many churches should check out your site to see what people see from the outside and not what they think people see.

You might want to try Crossroads Community Church on Ridge and Madison. Here is their website -

The series now is SEX. It is a large facility, but it is come as you are. Coffee and sodas are served for everyone. The volunteers are very friendly and very helpful with any questions or any information you might need. They also hand out cd's of the previous weeks services and the bands music. They also have some stuff online for download on the website.

I hope you find it as inviting as many others have.