Sunday, November 12, 2006


Sorry guys, no new church today! Bradley and I had company in from Columbus and we elected to take some time off.


I do have a question for you, oh loyal readers. I really want to overhaul Church Hop soon (first of the year seems as good a time as any). What are we missing? What would you change? What aren't we pursuing enough? Read through the charter and the questions we answer each week, if you get a chance. Then leave a comment (or email me, redrabbit[at] with your suggestions.

Changes I'm considering:

*It's pretty obvious that we need to branch out... haven't even hit a Catholic church yet, much less a synagogue or something.

*Removal of the rating number. In our heads, the rating number is a scale of how welcome we felt in the church. However, we have heard mention that the rating seems like a comparison of churches, and that's not what we're aiming for at all. Is there a better way to scale something like this, or should it go away altogether?

Church Hop has quite a few readers, so I hope that you guys will chime in and help to shape where this project is heading. I am surprised, to tell you the truth, that it's still running at all. Back in April, I wouldn't have guessed that we would find so much of a journey behind the project but we've had great support and enormous interest, so onward we go.

That being said, Bradley and I absolutely invite your feedback.


Joni B. said...

I would like to see you branch out even within the Christian tradition - house churches, inner city churches, less traditional church settings. I would also suggest that you comment more on the actual beliefs of the different religions (especially as you begin to go to synagogues, etc.) and how those particular beliefs affect you as an agnostic. While whether or not you feel welcome is very important a worship experience seems more about whether you are impacted by that particular theology, does that make sense? I would like to hear your thoughts of the actual belief systems as well as about the method of worship.

Anonymous said...

I actually don't mind the rating number - but I guess I can see if my church was one you were visiting how I might feel that way. I might wonder how we ranked compared to other church in my area.

Have you thought about rating different aspects of the church separately? I wouldn't mind seeing how you would rank the friendliness, sermon, music, follow-up, etc separate from one another, and then explain the experience you had of each from there. But perhaps this would make things worse...

I really enjoy reading all your observations. Glad you are pressing on.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps instead of numbers you could just simplify it to (not welcome, welcome, very welcome) or something similar.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ joni b. - otherwise good work. Also, you should try FBC Milford, Oh.

HippieLunatic said...

I would suggest a rating along the the lines of

Head nods
Hand shakes
Fighting off hugs
Found friends

I would suggest picking up the book
How to be a Perfect Stranger and discussing points discussed within in reference to a specific place of worship if you're going to branch out of Christianity.