Sunday, January 27, 2008


Tomorrow morning (er, later today-- it's 12:30am!), Bradley and I sign the membership book at Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church. Can you believe it has been something like eight months already?

Wish us luck*!

*I have no idea what luck would do for me... but send me some energy or something!


Neal said...

Congratulations on joining our congregation. Both of you will be adding a richness to our rich community.


Regina said...

I've enjoyed reading about your hopping adventures for the last couple of hours! Congrats on joining Heritage. I am a regularly attending "friend" of the church and greatly appreciate having a place to go to listen, learn, think and decide for myself. I love your unique idea of the church hop. What a brave and wonderful thing to go into a different congregation each week. I'm glad you love Heritage so much and it was good to read how many positive experiences you had in other churches. I look forward to saying Hi to both of you in person.

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

So did you ever encounter the GOD of the BIBLE, and the CHRIST of the New Testament?

Lisa said...

I found your blog while Googling something else. I'm at work so I don't have time to do more than skim it so forgive me if I'm saying things that don't fit what you're going for. I wondered whether you've checked out Sojourners I work with them. We're a progressive, social justice oriented Christian organization, and a lot of folks who are seeking something spiritual find resonance with our work. Check out our president Jim Wallis on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: God's Politics is our blog. We also did an interview with Moby that you might find interesting: You may also want to check out Jim's new book, The Great Awakening. On our website, you can find a database of churches around that country who are interested in integrating faith and justice. -Lisa

Londyn said...

Interesting blog! I may start some church hopping myself.