Saturday, September 09, 2006

Church #9 Crossroads Community Church (Revisited)

1. Who attended? Bradley & Tom

How was the experience?
1: I was so uncomfortable and/or offended that I did not stay to the end of services.
10: This church was welcoming and thought-provoking. I would recommend that others experience this church.

Bradley: 9
Tom: 9

3. Picture(s) of the church

4. Name/location of the church:
Crossroads Community Church
3500 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45209

5. Was it recommended to Church Hop?
Erica's friend Kim, and later, Erica.

6. Time/duration of services:

7. What type of religion did the church cater to?
inter-denominational (According to the previous post)

8. Who did you meet?
Nobody, but I did see Erica's friend Kim.

9. If applicable, scans of handouts, tracts, etc

10. Church Hopper’s personal experience with the church, additional details:

Bradley: Erica was right when she said this was an awesome church. First of all, it's the biggest church I've ever been to. It was amazing. According to dadman (he's Tom [who was familiar with the location]), this church was made from an old Home Depot. Hopefully that can shed some light on the size. Upon entering, dad mentioned how diffrent this is to what he thought it would be. For me, I kind of expected this, but dad really hadn't seen many "Modern churchs". The coffee bar was overflowing with people, like the movie theater at the rush hour. Hundredes of people were there, and the kids section wound through the top platform. People were slowley climbing the stairs, and going through the doors, to the service.

The closest thing I can associate the room with, is a Reds game. It had three levels of seating, two screens, and a 4-room skit area in the back of the main stage. The band was already set-up. They started in with a song, as dadman and I sat down, and checked out the place. It was dark by nature, the lighting was really only on the main stage. People were still taking there seats when the band finished. We went through the normal annoucments, and titheing. (Which, I didn't expect them to pass out plates at a church this size)

Then the sermon started.

I loved, this sermon.

It was SO good, because he brought in a great mix of his own personal stories (how he "meet" Van Halen) and his own quotes from the Bible, with a great mixture of reference to the Jewish culture. That's something that I don't think most churchs do, tie in any references to any other religions. Anyway, he continued on with daily practices, and how praying shouldn't be a "time", but something we are always doing. I like to think it's a good sermon, when somebody non-religious (like me) takes something away. This was a great church, and I know we'll be coming back.

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Anonymous said...

you should have been there today ... AMAZING ... thanks for the recomendation.