Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday!

First off, if you haven't read yesterday's post about advertising, please do so, and leave me some helpful comments. :D

Now then, to churchin'!

Bradley and I definitely wanted to visit a church today... but it's Easter. When we visited Catholic churches during Lent, we took away a different experience than one would normally get. Right? So we didn't want to visit a church on Easter, knowing full well that it wouldn't be a regular church experience.

Soooo, we did something we've been wanting to do for a while: we re-visited our first church. That church, Loveland United Methodist Church, was our big foray into the project, back when we had no idea what we were getting into. We'd had no basic for comparison either, so Bradley and I have always wondered what it would be like to go back.

LUMC was very welcoming, again. Some things had changed-- there are video screens now, and an elaborate sound system, for instance-- but for the most part it felt much like it did the first time (almost a year ago!). We did get to hear the pastor speak, though-- last year, they had a guest speaker when we were there.

We didn't want this post to be the same as a regular Church Hop post, because we don't plan to start re-visiting churches right and left. But it was nice to spend Easter at a church that had great meaning for us.

Happy Easter, everyone, whatever you believe!


luckeyfrog said...

Happy Easter, Bradley and Erica! :)

d-mc said...

Happy Easter! My favorite of all the Holy Days. In fact, quite frankly, it is the main reason I am a Christian.

May I humbly suggest a book on the topic:

here is a great article by the same author on the topic of "religious doubt" you may also be interested in.

dang-as i look at the length of those links i hope that doesnt come off as evangelizing! i just thought you might be interested given your search.

see ya next week!

JenLo said...

I would also suggest "More than a Carpenter" by Josh McDowell.

I'm sure you appreciate all the long urls and the growing reading list we are all establishing for you ;)

Rachel said...

Know what I think is funny? How FREAKING CRAZY EASTER IS and no one ever talks about the madness of it! It really hits me every year with all of the bunnies and candy eggs. I mean, we are freaking celebrating a dead guy coming back to life by eating chocolate. I can't really think of a better way to celebrate it, but I do think that its hilarious. I just thought you guys would appreciate that thought.

Also -- love that you sent back to your first church. Cool idea.

Bradley G said...

Thanks for your support everyone, it's really helpful to hear the positive backing from the people who read this blog.

And, thanks for not hating us for the ad-sense-that helps

Also, I've been looking for a new book to read, so I'll keep a look out for those, thanks guys.

d-mc said...

oh dude-i just thought of a really short book that is one of my alltime favorites!!!

"Since Nobody Is Perfect...How Good Is Good Enough" by Andy Stanley. Oh that book is awesome!

I just looked it up. Looks like you have to buy six copies. It's cheap though. You can give copies away. I'm telling you...great book.

It's so good it makes a lot of my christian friends mad.

Anonymous said...

I second the "How Good is Good Enough" book recommendation. It's short, it's great, and I gave my copy to a Scientologist (I think) on an airplane when he asked about it as he saw me reading it. I have often wondered what happened to him ...
It's probably my all time favorite Christian book.