Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mad Scratch

Ahoy, Church Hop readers! (No, this is not a notice about how we aren't going to hop this week... we absolutely intend to.)

On the left side and bottom of the site, Bradley and I have added some AdSense elements. The site has been seeing abnormal traffic lately, and we thought we'd give The Man a try. HOWEVER, this comes with a stipulation that hopefully you can get behind. Bradley and I will be donating any money that we amass from the ads on Church Hop. We currently give $2 ($1 each) to the church that we visit, and if things go well with AdSense, we'd like to add that income to our "tithes."

Does that sound right to you? Comment with some feedback, positive or negative. If you want to support the Hop, click on some links why don'tcha? In the next couple of months we'll be playing with which ads work, if they work at all, so things might change a little. Just to give you a heads up. :)

Thanks for your interest in Church Hop (even if you hate the project-- after all, that generates hits, too). We'll keep you updated on our AdSense venture.


w2wkb said...

How about tags for the posts maybe by denomination or something of the sort.

JenLo said...

Nice idea to contribute the income to your weekly churches. BTW, w2wkb is my bro who turned me on to you.

Johnny Brooks said...

I love your blog and enjoy reading your adventures. Sometimes I laugh sometimes I wonder what you expected. Anyway great blog. I do have to say though that you must be confused about tithing. Tithing is giving 10 percent of your income, which most likely is not 2 dollars. That would be more like a low tip. What you do is give an offering. Just so you know. Also I read your blog through a reader and I do not get any updates to the post. It would be great if you posted all the comments from whoever did the hop at the same time. Again great blog.

Eebs said...

Johnny-- Haha, thank you for the correction! "Offering" it is... we started calling them our "tithes" at the beginning, before we knew basically anything about church. Can you tell? ;)

Your suggestion about posting is a good one too, because more people are starting to read through feed readers-- the problem is getting Bradley to post on Sunday! ;) I'll talk to him and we'll see what we can do about posting together, or making his a separate post. Thank you so much!

BryanK said...

This has to be one of the best blogs I have ever read. It is fantastic to get not only an adult perspective on your experiences, but also a youth perspective--my apology to your brother for calling him a youth as he shows a remarkable maturity for someone so young. I think this is an important blog for people to read, and I know I will be keeping up to date on it.

You are both certainly more than fair in your assessments of what is going on. If you ever want to come up to Dayton and visit my Episcopal parish, I would be more than happy to guide you through the process that goes on during the service.

Again, I applaud you both, and I wish both of you well on your spiritual journey--may you find what you are looking for, and may your example lead others to do the same; this isn't about denominational loyalty, this is about finding a place where one's soul is fed. After all, we are all in this together, no matter what we believe.

By the way Erica, I enjoyed having you in my class and thoroughly enjoyed our conversation after class was done! I hope your Easter was peaceful!

JenLo said...

I wondered how long it would take for somebody to explain the tithe thing!